Why We Invest in Professional Photography

Trish Lowe  |  January 25, 2023

Why We Invest in Professional Photography

Selling real estate does not happen by accident. Even for the most desirable homes for sale in Briar Chapel NC, selling your property takes a carefully crafted marketing plan dedicated to selling your home for top dollar — all within record time. Before your home is even listed for sale, there are many steps we as agents take to get your home market-ready, whether that’s staging your home or creating a single-listing website. So many moving parts need to come together to successfully market your luxury property.

Yet, one of the most important steps is hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your listing. Why do we hire professional photographers and videographers, and why are they an essential element to getting your home sold? Here are some of the biggest reasons that hiring a professional photographer works.

Smartphone cameras aren’t “real estate friendly”

Smartphones have changed photography as we know it. Most people have pictures of themselves, their spouse, their kids, or their pets on their phones. Because of their convenience, some sellers or listing agents just take listing pictures from their smartphones, post them online, and call it good. Unfortunately, smartphone pictures don’t cut it, especially when selling luxury homes.

Why is that? While many influencers and social media channels can get away with building a platform from their smartphone, they are a subpar solution to your real estate photography. Smartphone cameras have smaller sensors than regular ones, resulting in more pixelated, lower-quality images. High-quality cameras also can capture wider angles and produce higher-quality images than you would find from a smartphone. While smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years, that doesn’t mean they will ever be better than a professional photographer with the most advanced equipment.

Expert photography highlights the home’s best features

When selling Briar Chapel luxury real estate, there are so many moving parts to creating a comprehensive marketing plan. This includes hiring professionals whose main purpose is to entice prospective buyers to purchase your home. Beyond hiring a Briar Chapel real estate agent to market your property, your agent should hire a professional home stager and a professional photographer.

Why is hiring a professional photographer so important? It’s because it’s their job to get the best images possible for your home. A professional photographer has a specific skill set that will allow them to capture the best angles of your home. Home exteriors look far more impressive, living spaces look more spacious, and yards look more expansive with professional photography. Through a combination of the photographer’s advanced camera equipment and their keen eye, they can capture top-tier images of your home, highlighting its best features. Those high-quality images play a major role in getting your home sold faster and for a higher net profit.

You only have one chance to make a lasting first impression

With over 90% of home searches beginning online, more and more buyers are turning to the internet than ever before to purchase their new home. This means that the first impression prospective buyers will have of your listing is the pictures they see online, rather than driving by the property or attending an open house. As a result, high-quality images have never been more important in real estate.

You only have one chance to make a positive first impression with your listing. If your images are low-quality, blurry, or unappealing in any way, buyers are a lot less likely to spend a lot of time looking at the rest of the pictures They are also far less likely to book a showing to see the property. Instead, they will focus their attention on a different property. High-quality images, on the other hand, have the opposite effect. Listings with high-quality images are a lot more likely to drum up interest for buyers. If you have an eye-catching first photo, especially of the home’s exterior, buyers are a lot more likely to view more pictures, watch videos, and read the property description. Once they have spent enough time learning about your home, they are far more likely to book a showing.

Professional photography gets homes sold

If you are attempting to sell Briar Chapel luxury real estate, one of the most important things you can do is get prospective buyers to mentally move into your home. This is achieved through all of the measures you and your listing agent go to in order to make your property more attractive, including:

  • Clean the home from top to bottom
  • Declutter every space in the house
  • Spruce up your curb appeal
  • Hire a professional stager to stage the home
This also includes hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality images of your home. These measures, combined with a comprehensive marketing plan, are proven measures that get homes sold. Professional photography is so much more than a necessary marketing expense; it’s an investment that will get your home sold.

On average, listings with professional photography sell faster than homes without professional images, and for more money. That’s because professional photography draws more positive attention to your listing. Whether prospective buyers see these high-quality images on a home search site, social media pages, or a single-listing website, photography is the buyer’s first introduction to your property. It tells the story of your home, showing prospective buyers what they can do with the space, and helps them visualize living there.

From professional photography and videography to professional home staging, everything your listing agent does to market your home comes down to making your home desirable to the widest network of prospective buyers possible. A listing agent does everything through careful design after many years of similar results for their previous clients. Expert listing agents go above and beyond to ensure their clients get top dollar for their listings.

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