6 Easy Tips for Relocating to Briar Chapel

Trish Sweeney-Lowe February 20, 2023

6 Easy Tips for Relocating to Briar Chapel

Relocating an entire life’s worth of belongings to a different home can be complicated, and preparing well in advance is the best way to avoid problems. Start by researching the area and keeping essentials in a moving folder, so they’re easy to find. Then, pack smart to keep belongings safe and accounted for. Before relocating to Briar Chapel, here’s a look into the locale and market trends.

Currently, Chatham County is experiencing a cooling market, a decrease in median sales, and declining closed sales. With inventory and days on the market on the rise, buyers in the area have more advantages when searching for Briar Chapel luxury homes. Buyers and residents love the community for its resort-style amenities, nature-filled walking trails, and more. With this in mind, here’s what you need to know before relocating.

Relocating preparation

Successfully preparing for a relocation can remove much of the confusion further along the process. First, make sure you’re ready to move to Briar Chapel by researching the area online. When ready, create a moving folder to keep information easily accessible. Then, research professional movers early on to avoid time crunches or scheduling conflicts.

1. Research the area

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The relocation process is a significant investment of your time and resources, which is why it’s worth it to confirm you’re ready and invested in moving to Briar Chapel. Search online for resources that describe the area or visit the community in person if you can. Check for compatibility in the neighborhood’s environment and for nearby amenities like shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

Briar Chapel comes with many perks available to residents. For families, areas like the clubhouse playground are available, while the Great Meadows Parks provide spaces for fitness, sports, and midday picnics. The community also has 24 miles of trails perfect for walking, running, and biking. Schedule a time at one of their courts to play tennis, pickleball, or basketball; then, stop by the clubhouse to lounge or catch a community club meeting.

2. Create a moving folder

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When you’re sure about relocating to Briar Chapel real estate, create a moving folder to keep details together. A moving folder can hold important documents like moving contracts, rental and purchase papers, or records of payments, agreements, and dates. A moving folder is a good place to keep a moving checklist, which includes steps you need to take related to gathering supplies, hiring professionals, preparing the home, and packing your belongings—also, record questions or additional tasks that pop up in the process. Doing so can help you stay on track without forgetting important steps or dates.

3. Research professional movers early

If you have a lot to move, researching professional movers early on is crucial to finding the right help when you need it. Although some who relocate don’t hire professional movers, having help can save individuals extra stress, injury, and time in an already complicated situation. Research several companies’ rates, policies, and reviews before deciding, and ask any clarifying questions you need before signing official paperwork. It can take time to find a mover that can accommodate your needs, which is why it’s best to start early on when there’s plenty of time to plan and search.

Relocation tips

When you’ve adequately prepared for relocation to Briar Chapel, follow the relocation tips for a smooth moving process. Save time and money by decluttering first, and be sure to begin the process well in advance. While packing items, clearly label and cushion belongings so you can find what you need after the move.

1. Declutter first

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Decluttering and getting rid of items you no longer want or need before packing saves time, energy, and expenses when relocating. Sort through things you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away, then take the time to pack up belongings to take with you to Briar Chapel. Logistically, it makes little sense to bring items with you that you won’t use, and relocating can be the perfect opportunity to get rid of more significant belongings like an outdated couch or a refrigerator on its last legs.

2. Start early

When relocating to Briar Chapel, for the least stressful move start the packing process early. Waiting until a week or a few days before you have to be in your new home can result in careless packing that damages your belongings or makes them difficult to find later. However, by starting early, a mover can break down the packing process into smaller, more manageable chunks. Starting early also gives movers wiggle room to navigate problems if they arise.

3. Pack and label smart

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Although you may not put much more thought into packing than simply putting items in boxes, packing smart can save those relocating from injury and frustration. Heavier items should go at the base of smaller boxes, which are more manageable to carry, while big boxes are best for lightweight fabric items. Packing by room is another effective way of keeping track of belongings.

Be sure to have enough packing supplies, especially packing peanuts or bubble wrap for fragile items. Before taping up boxes, label the outsides with a description of what’s inside and what room it belongs to. Color-coordinating rooms and belongings can be a helpful visual for keeping track of items.

Ready to relocate to Briar Chapel?

Choosing to move to Briar Chapel is a wonderful step towards embracing the area's community-rich amenities and serene lifestyle - a key selling point in today's real estate market. Streamlining your relocation process with careful planning and early packing can significantly reduce stress, while also leaving ample room to correct any potential missteps. Are you considering making Briar Chapel your new home, or perhaps you have questions about this vibrant real estate hotspot? Get in touch with local real estate expert, Trish Sweeney-Lowe. She's ready to navigate you through your property journey in Briar Chapel with seasoned guidance and personal attention. Let's start your new home adventure together!

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